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9 thoughts on “Weather Hazards

  1. Eduardo Berroa Reply

    Late Morning, Should August 8th becomes a good chance for severe threat?

    • NYC Area Weather Post authorReply

      Based on the latest expected setup, thunderstorms and rain, possibly heavy, are likely on Thursday, although there’s some uncertainty regarding the positioning of the warm front. Parameters currently appear to be slightly to moderately favorable for some severe weather in the region, with heavy rain and possibly gusty winds currently likely to be the main risk with storms.

      • Eduardo Berroa Reply

        I am hoped for these storms shouldn’t miss and weaken, I hate It. My question is, Why do storms weakens before reaching NYC?

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Do you know what the weather in western Suffolk County on Long Island is going to be on Friday? Will the thunderstorms disrupt any plans for the beach?

    • NYC Area Weather Post authorReply

      Friday is still a little too far away for a high confidence outlook regarding exact details; at the very least some showers and thunderstorms are likely in the region on Friday, although the timing and positioning is still uncertain. Possibilities range from a few showers/storms Thurs night staying mostly north of NYC with a drier Friday (ECM) to widespread storms throughout the day (GFS). There should be a better idea on the exact setup in the next few days.

  3. Eduardo Berroa Reply

    Pleasant Morning NYC Area Weather, It’s Eduardo…

    Should the greater chance risks of thunderstorms, some of them potentially strong-to-severe may be much on Tuesday, August 27th and Wednesday, August 28th? What are the main threats you’ve recently expected before the stormy patterns will become likely to develop initially.

    • NYC Area Weather Post authorReply

      As I’ll update in my morning forecast discussion, it’s becoming more apparent that Monday’s storm risk will remain to the north with a less significant storm risk on Tuesday, leaving Wednesday with the highest probability of rain/storms this week as a low pressure develops nearby. The risk of strong or severe storms depends on where the low pressure develops, which the ECM and CMC show to the north with a risk of strong storms, and the GFS has to the south with plain rain. Afterwards the next storm risk will likely be the following week.

  4. Eduardo Berroa Reply

    Chance of severe storms this weekend? You expected thunderstorms for this weekend.

    • NYC Area Weather Post authorReply

      I noted that thunderstorms were expected for next weekend (10/6); there were no thunderstorms in the forecast for this weekend at any point. There was a potential for showers noted a few days ago which is no longer anticipated as the cold front in the Great Lakes collapses well to the west, nor a coastal low pressure which stays well to the east. Otherwise, no precipitation is expected until next Sunday.

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