Basic DGEX Information:

Forecast range: 84-180 hours
Runs: 6z, 18z

The DGEX model (Downscaled GFS by NAM Extension) is a medium range model that runs 2 times a day, at 6z and 18z. The DGEX starts at hour 84, initializing with the end of the accompanying NAM run conditions, and runs through hour 180 using GFS physics. It is most useful in its early range to determine what the NAM may show if it was extended beyond hour 84, but not as useful if the NAM or GFS run have an error.


List of DGEX model sites:

PSU e-Wall: 6z run, 18z run

NCEP Model Graphics
Wright-Weather Models


Average run times (EST):

6z run: 4:20 AM – 5:20 AM
18z run: 4:20 PM – 5:20 PM

Average run times may vary with different sites.


DGEX Quick Links:

Total run snowfall

More links to be added soon

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