Storm Archives Poll

As the Storm Archives section continues to expand, a possible option to keep the section organized would be to split the “Storm Archives” section from the main website. This would essentially act as a different website, with a different design and the “Storm Archives” page marked as “Home”, allowing for a separation of the storm archives from the remainder of the website dedicated to forecasting, but will remain under the domain of the main website with a slightly different URL (

This poll was closed on March 30, with a total of 29 votes, out of which 20 (69%) voted “Yes” and 9 (31%) voted “No”. With the poll votes taken into consideration, the “Storm Archives” section will be given its own section, acting as a different website but remaining under the domain name of the main website. The existing storm archive section in the main website will not be deleted and will remain unchanged, but future storm archives uploaded after April will link to the new website. This is likely to be completed towards late April or May.

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