Feb 19, 2014 Noon Update

11:30 AM: Heavy Snow/Ice Inland, Thunderstorms Near NYC

nerad25The area of precipitation currently moving through the area is producing a wide variety of impacts depending on location; most locations in NW NJ and interior SE NY started with freezing rain, but with a small pocket of sub-freezing mid level temperatures aloft leading to a burst of heavy snow over parts of Orange county in SE NY. These locations may receive up to a quick 1/2 inch of snow. Meanwhile, freezing rain continues over NW NJ but will soon transition to rain as temperatures warm to near or slightly above freezing. Additionally, the last few frames of the radar have detected increasing reflectivity values over NE NJ and NYC, with reports of heavy thunderstorms developing in northern NJ to continue into NYC, far SE NY and possibly southwest CT. Moderate to heavy precipitation will continue over the next 1-2 hours before ending near & west of NYC while moving into CT, with mostly plain rain expected as temperatures climb above freezing.

2 thoughts on “Feb 19, 2014 Noon Update

  1. Eduardo Berroa Reply

    Pleasant afternoon…

    In Fordham, I didn’t hear any rumbles of thunder and I didn’t witness no flashes and strikes. The radar reflectivity only indicates an persistent area of heavy showers, but contained some possible rumbles in some locations on NE NJ.

    However, did the area of heavy showers contained some gusty winds?

    • NYC Area Weather Post authorReply

      Some of the METARs around such as Morristown, NJ recorded thundersnow in their earlier observations. I have not seen strong wind gust reports yet though, but will update once the final NWS storm reports are posted including snow totals. Locations in NE PA and the Hudson Valley have received up to 3″ of snow although it is currently unclear how far south such totals extended.

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