Feb 18, 2013 Noon Update

2:00 PM: Snow Lower Than Forecast West, Higher Than Forecast East

nerad6Earlier this morning, the last snowstorm for a while affected the region with widespread light to moderate snow, with the radar to the left showing the peak of the storm east of NYC earlier today. Several parts of the outlook ended up verifying differently than forecast, however; the timing of the storm was earlier than forecast, with most of the snow west of NYC over by 7-9am besides a short round of additional light to locally moderate snow. The most notable aspect that went differently than forecast was the snow total, as the precipitation shield from the low pressure was compact and a small difference meant lowering of totals further west. The low pressure and axis of heavy precipitation did set up further east than forecast, mostly near central-eastern Long Island into the eastern half of Connecticut, with a general 2-4 inches for most of Long Island and 2-5 inches in Connecticut, with the heavier precipitation and faster timing helping to offset the warm air advection and leading to more widespread snow. Further west, however, not much snow fell besides the morning round containing moderate snow rates, with at least 1-2 inches of snow for most locations near NYC and further north/west, locally higher over parts of NE NJ.

As of this morning, Central Park has recorded 1.5 inch of snow out of this storm. This brings this winter’s snow total to date 57.1″, placing it as the 7th snowiest winter on record. The February snow total so far is 28.8″, placing it as the 5th snowiest month on record and 2nd snowiest February on record.

As noted in yesterday’s update, this will be the final snowstorm for a while. Tomorrow’s outlook is looking increasingly wetter as another weak system tracks through the region, but this time producing light to moderate rain with highs in the 40s, ultimately peaking on Friday in the 50s as a line of rain and possibly thunder moves through, followed by a gradual cool down into the end of February.

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