Jan 18, 2014 Morning Updates

10:30 AM: Snow Squalls Exiting NJ

nerad252As of 10am, the low pressure was just SE of NYC and tracking NE as it continues to slowly deepen. The snow bands continue to shift NE as well, and are exiting NJ, but with a last strong squall currently over NE Bergen county and S Westchester tracking NNE, producing very heavy wet snow with low visibility, very large snowflakes, along with reports of thundersnow. Squalls will continue to move northeast, with heavy snow falling along an axis over Rockland and Westchester counties where up to 1-2 inches of snow are expected. Snow will gradually taper off by 12-1pm across the area with more sunshine for later today.


9:15 AM: Snow Developing

nerad25A weak low pressure is currently developing near central New Jersey, and will continue to track northeast up the coast while developing later today. Moderate snow has fell over central Pennsylvania and NY, although the area is seeing some precipitation as bands of precipitation are developing over central NJ and expanding as they track NNE and reach the area. Precipitation type is generally snow in north NJ/SE NY/CT and rain in NYC and Long Island. As temperatures continue to warm up into the mid-upper 30s today, any snow will gradually change over to rain in NE NJ and coastal CT, while snow continues falling over interior areas. As the precipitation is generally in squalls, snow will be moderate to heavy at times and will lead to a brief decrease in visibility. Accumulations up to 1/2″ have been reported in NW NJ and SE NY so far, and up to an inch is generally expected in those areas, with little to no accumulations closer to NYC. Precipitation will gradually end from south to north between 11am-1pm, with partly sunny skies later in the afternoon.

Full blog updates have resumed starting today. The next forecast discussion will be posted later in the day.

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