Jan 13-16, 2014 Daily Observations

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Thursday, January 16 Observations:

1.16.14A highly amplified trough set up over the East Coast but with the core of the cold quickly collapsing to the west before having reached the area, leading to temperatures slightly cooling down but still remaining relatively mild, even warmer than the Gulf of Mexico coast at night. High temperatures generally peaked in the upper 30s to low 40s.

The highest temperature was 43 degrees in Newark, NJ, and the coolest high temperature was 36 degrees in Andover, NJ.


Wednesday, January 15 Observations:

1.15.14With the frontal boundary having shifted east of the area, a slightly cooler air mass returned, beginning a gradual albeit slow cool down as a weak coastal low developed well to the east of the area, leading to scattered showers especially overnight. Temperatures slightly cooled down but remained above average, peaking in the low to mid 40s for most of the area, but with the coolest temperatures east of NYC rather than to the west.

The highest temperature was 48 degrees in multiple locations, and the coolest high temperature was 41 degrees in Farmingdale, NY.


Tuesday, January 14 Observations:

1.14.14As a frontal boundary moved through the area, a wave of low pressure developed nearby and tracked to the northeast, with areas of moderate rain developing and affecting the area through the early evening hours with up to 1/4 inch of rain. Temperatures remained above average, generally in the mid 40s to low 50s range across the area.

The highest temperature was 52 degrees in Central Park, and the coolest high temperature was 43 degrees in Montgomery, NY.


Monday, January 13 Observations:

1.13.14A southwesterly flow resumed across the region on Monday as another frontal boundary gradually approached from the west, with temperatures remaining 10-15 degrees warmer than average with no cold air mass in sight. Temperatures generally peaked in the mid-upper 40s in northern parts of the area and the low-mid 50s in southern parts of the area.

The highest temperature was 54 degrees in Somerville, NJ, and the coolest high temperature was 46 degrees in multiple locations.

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