Dec 6, 2013 Poll Results

Poll opened: December 2, 2013
Poll closed: December 6, 2013


What will NYC see on Sun-Mon, December 8-9? (28 votes)

3 votes – No storm; cold and dry
7 votes – Minor storm, mostly rain
8 votes – Minor storm, mostly snow
5 votes – Major storm, mostly rain
5 votes – Major storm, mostly snow


Correct Answer:
Minor storm, mostly snow – 8 votes (29%)

The third widespread frozen precipitation event of the winter affected the area on December 8-9, and the first of the meteorological winter season (Dec 1 – Mar 1). Initially, the model guidance suggested a significant storm in this time frame, some depicting significant snowfall while others showed some snow transitioning to heavy rain. As the storm approached the shorter range, however, the model guidance gradually backed away from the aforementioned scenario, instead keeping the majority of precipitation south of the area. Ultimately, heavy snow stayed to the south, over Maryland into Philadelphia where 5-10 inches of snow were recorded, while most of the area saw less than 1 inch of snow transitioning to light rain/freezing rain.



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