Dec 4, 2013 Poll Results

Poll opened: November 29, 2013
Poll closed: December 4, 2013


When will the next significant storm affect the area? (12 votes)

0 votes – December 1-5
5 votes – December 6-10
5 votes – December 11-15
1 vote – December 16-20
1 vote – After December 20


Correct Answer:
December 5-10 – 5 votes (41%)
Next significant storm – December 6-7

On November 26-27, the most significant storm in almost half a year affected the region after what was one of the driest falls on record. The main question after that point was whether a stormy pattern would develop or if the late November storm was simply an interruption in the dry pattern. The storm proved to mark the beginning of a more active pattern, however, as multiple storm systems affected the region on a frequent basis starting on December 6-7 with a series of waves of low pressure along a stalled frontal boundary producing 1/2 to 1 inch of rain.



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