Nov 26, 2013 Poll Results

Poll opened: November 22, 2013
Poll closed: November 26, 2013


What will NYC see on Wednesday (11/27)? (35 votes)

2 votes – No storm; cold and dry
4 votes – Minor storm, light rain
2 votes – Minor storm, light snow
16 votes – Major storm, mostly rain
11 votes – Major storm, more snow than rain


Correct Answer:
Major storm, mostly rain – 16 votes (46%)

After one of the driest falls on record in the NYC area, with only three rain events over 1/4 inch since September 1st, the most significant storm since late June affected the eastern US during November 26-27. Initially, the model guidance suggested mixed precipitation for the area with snow inland, before trending offshore in the medium range and finally depicting a major rain event. Over 1-3 inches of rain fell across the area, making this the most significant rain event since the remnants of tropical storm Andrea in early June.



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