Nov 1, 2013 Morning Update

9:10 AM: Narrow Line of Heavy Rain, Strong Wind Enters NJ

northeast3As the low pressure in the Midwest rapidly intensified last night before moving into Canada, the strongest winds and rain were pulled to the north as well, with little rain left approaching the area other than a narrow line of heavy rain, currently over eastern Pennsylvania and quickly moving east. So far, wind gusts have been slightly lower than forecast, around 30-40 mph with little rain to help mix down stronger gusts from aloft.

The strongest wind gusts are expected with this line of heavy rain, however, as opposed to coastal regions, with gusts up to/over 50 mph expected with this line as it quickly moves east, affecting northern NJ between 9:30-11 AM and NYC towards 10:30-11 AM, likely weakening as it shifts east into Long Island. Some wind damage is possible along with this line, especially in northern NJ. There is little thunder associated with this line, however, with strong wind gusts the main impact. Rainfall amounts up to 1/4 inch are generally expected, locally higher up to 1/2 inch in New Jersey, making this the most significant rain event in nearly a month. The rain will end by the late morning to early afternoon with clearing skies, along with less wind but with breezy conditions continuing.

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