Oct 9, 2013 Poll Results

Poll opened: October 2, 2013
Poll closed: October 9, 2013


How will October’s temperatures end up in NYC? (18 votes)

8 votes – Above average (>3°)
5 votes – Slightly above average (-1 to +1°)
5 votes – Average (-1 to +1°)
0 votes – Slightly below average (-1 to -3°)
0 votes – Below average (< -3°)


Correct Answer:
Above average (>3°) – 8 votes
Actual departure: +3.3°

September was generally slightly cooler than average across the area, with the coolest September low temperature since 2000. October, however, started out much warmer than average with a high of 86 degrees on the 4th. Temperatures moderated later in the month, but the first widespread sub-60 degree day did not occur until 10/23, as opposed to 2012 when multiple sub-60 degree days were observed in the first half of October, with the first 22 out of 23 days of October recording above average temperatures. The last week of the month started out cooler than average, but did not last as well with 70 degrees returning by the 31st.



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