Oct 26, 2013 Poll Results

Poll opened: October 19, 2013
Poll closed: October 26, 2013


How long will the upcoming cooler than average pattern persist? (16 votes)

0 votes – Until October 26
8 votes – Until October 31
3 votes – Until November 5
1 votes – Until November 10
4 votes – Beyond November 10


Correct Answer:
Until October 31 – 8 votes
Last colder than average day(s): October 29-30

October started out with much warmer than average temperatures, with the first 22 out of 23 days of the month recording above average temperatures. A trough temporarily settled over the region towards the last week of the month, with the first period of moderately cooler than average temperatures since late September. At that time, the model guidance varied regarding the duration of the colder than average temperatures, but the time frame ended up relatively short lasting, with a significant warm up occurring by the end of October into early November as temperatures surged into the low 70s in NYC. The first half of November had frequent temperature swings, but no sustained cold or warm pattern.



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