Sept 4, 2013 Poll Results

Poll opened: August 28, 2013
Poll closed: September 4, 2013


How will September’s temperatures end up in NYC? (19 votes)

7 votes – Above average (>1°)
12 votes – Near average (-1 to +1°)
0 votes – Below average (< -1°)


Correct Answer:
Near average (-1 to +1°) –> 12 out of 19 votes
Actual departure: -0.1°

After a cool August, September started off with significant temperature fluctuations, with an unseasonably hot air mass on 9/11 bringing temperatures well into the 90s with heat index values in the 100s, followed only a few days later by highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. The second half of the month generally ended up slightly below average, and the month as a whole ended up 0.1 degree below average in Central Park.


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