Sept 21, 2013 Storm Updates

Below, a few storm updates will be posted on the heavy rain and thunderstorms affecting the area tonight. Updates are being posted both on the blog and on Twitter.

Today’s Forecast Discussion
7-Day Forecast


11:55 PM: Rain/Storms Gradually Shifting East

0338Over the last 2 hours, heavy rain and thunder spread into northern NJ, SE NY and NYC, with the heaviest rain so far over central Morris county, where at least 1/2 to locally 1 inch of rain have been observed so far. Rain is gradually spreading east towards western Long Island and CT, with moderate rain to continue over NYC and further north/west for the next hour. Meanwhile, another area of heavy rain and thunder is located near Philadelphia, and is also tracking northeast towards the area, with rain expected to intensify again after 1 AM, while also spreading east into west-central Long Island and CT.

The storms will continue to shift east, ending from western areas around 2 AM to eastern areas by 5-6 AM. Rain totals of at least 1/2 to 1 inch are expected across the area, locally higher.


10:25 PM: Heavy Rain, Thunder Approaching NYC

0158The cold front continues to slowly approach the area, with rain and occasional rumbles of thunder affecting northern NJ and SE NY. A line of heavy thunderstorms is currently near Philadelphia, and is moving northeast towards northern NJ, SE NY and NYC between 10:30-11 PM. Another area of heavy thunderstorms is located over eastern Virginia, and at its current rate would reach the area, including the western half of Long Island and CT, towards 12:30 AM.

Rain will gradually spread east through the rest of Long Island/CT by 1 AM, with rain gradually starting to end between at least 2 AM in western parts of the area and 5-6 AM in eastern areas. Rain totals of at least 1/2 inch are expected across the area, locally up to 3/4 to 1 inch.

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