Sept 11, 2013 Poll Results

Poll opened: September 4, 2013
Poll closed: September 11, 2013

How will September’s precipitation end up in NYC? (13 votes)

2 votes – Wetter than average
5 votes – Near average
6 votes – Drier than average


Correct Answer:
Drier than average – 6 votes
Total Precipitation: 2.95″ (69% of average, 1.33″ below average)

After near record rainfall on June, the NYC area entered a dry pattern in the summer, with rain totals 1-2″ below average both for July and August. September started on a somewhat wet note, with a heavy rain event on the 12-13th with 1.66″ of rain, but this proved to be the most significant rain event for a while, as aside from 1.17″ of rain on the 21-22nd, little rain fell for the rest of the month. The month ended up with 2.95″ of rain, which was 1.33″ below average, or 69% of average. Abnormally dry conditions further spread across the area in September, marking the beginning of the eventual moderate drought in October and November.



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