Aug 14, 2013 Poll Results

Poll opened: August 7, 2013
Poll closed: August 14, 2013

Will NYC see additional 90+ degree days this summer? (23 votes)

3 votes – No
9 votes – Yes, but not including a heat wave
11 votes – Yes, including a heat wave (3+ consecutive days of 90s)


Correct Answer:
Yes, but not including a heat wave – 9 votes
Additional 90 degree days: 2

August 2013 was the coolest since 2008, with a lack of 90 degree readings across the region compared to the last few years, leading to this question regarding whether NYC will reach 90 degrees again in the summer or not. NYC did reach 90 degrees again on two occasions, on 8/21 and 9/11, but fell short of heat wave criteria, reaching 88 degrees on 8/20 and 87 degrees on 9/10. The heat on September 11, however, was among the most significant of the whole summer, with widespread temperatures in the low to mid 90s and heat index values as high as 106 degrees.



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