May 11, 2013 Storm Updates

[notice] Updates today will be limited and less frequent due to poor internet connection.[/notice]

4:15 PM: The severe thunderstorm has cleared Manhattan and Queens, with reports of small hail and strong wind gusts in some of the locations it affected. The cell is currently weakening while over northern Queens, and will continue to move ENE, clipping northern Nassau county within the next 1/2 hour producing heavy rain and gusty winds. Another strong storm is over Brooklyn and is also expected to weaken while moving ENE into Queens and central Nassau county.

Drier conditions are expected behind these storms, with clearing skies behind the line although scattered showers can’t be ruled out through the evening.


3:40 PM: A squall line is approaching NYC. A severe thunderstorm is located near Essex/Union counties and is moving ENE, and will affect Hudson, south Bergen in NJ and New York City/south Westchester within the next 15-45 minutes. This storm is capable of producing small hail, strong wind gusts, and heavy rain up to 3/4 inch/hour.

Another severe storm is developing near northern Middlesex county, and will move east into Staten Island and southern NYC, capable of producing heavy rain and gusty winds.

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