Mar 20, 2013: Some Snow Tonight, Next Week’s Storm

Forecast Highlights:

Temperatures were once again cooler than average across the area as an abnormally strong blocking pattern continued, with temperatures expected to remain generally colder than average for the remainder of the month into early April. Additional snow is still expected this winter, including scattered snow squalls tonight and another storm potential for Monday.





Tonight – Weekend: Snow Tonight, Otherwise Dry And Chilly

A strong low pressure is currently developing well offshore, expected to reach Atlantic Canada by Thursday night, although a weaker low pressure is affecting coastal parts of the region with scattered snow showers. Some of these snow showers will be locally heavy, with up to an inch of snow or locally higher possible in isolated locations south and east of NYC. Similar conditions are expected for Thursday with highs in the mid to upper 30s across most of the area. Drier conditions are expected for Friday and the weekend with mostly to partly sunny skies. Temperatures will initially start out chilly, peaking in the upper 30s to low 40s on Friday, but slightly warming up over the weekend, peaking on Sunday in the low to mid 40s inland and the mid to upper 40s across the rest of the area, which while warmer than most days so far with this pattern, is still colder than average.

Next Week: Storm Likely, Impacts Uncertain

The next storm is expected to develop in the central US by the weekend, reaching the region by Monday. There remains uncertainty on the track and intensity of the storm, although the main scenarios at this time range from a storm staying mostly south of the area with scattered rain/snow showers possible, to a more significant storm further north with heavier rain or snow totals in the area. Regarding the snow potential, temperatures during this time frame become more marginal with a stale air mass in place; several factors, including a stronger storm with heavier precipitation, would be required to result in a significant snowstorm for the majority of the area, which at this time is not supported by the model guidance. For now, the latest forecast is for potential of precipitation on Monday with precipitation type potentially a rain/snow mix, with snow especially favored west of NYC. More information will be posted on this potential storm as details become clearer.

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