Jan 15, 2013 Storm Updates

Below, storm updates will be posted on the latest storm affecting the area with snow, sleet, ice and rain. For the final storm forecast, as well as an update on the longer range, scroll down to the next post or click here. Tonight’s blog update substitutes the usual short blog discussions included in storm update mode.

For localized forecasts, please refer to the 5-Day Forecast.


Twitter Updates Archive:

2:14 AM: Mixing line starting to retreat northward; I-80 corridor changing from snow/sleet to sleet/rain. Snow continues further inland.

1:30 AM: According to latest radar, mixing line stalled just south of I-80. Rain, some sleet south of the line; snow/sleet further north.

1:12 AM: Accumulations will continue to add up over the next few hours as precip gradually changes over to sleet, then rain.

1:11 AM: Heavy snow continues for interior areas, snow/some sleet in the north/west suburbs, with rain/sleet in NYC and west/SW.

12:40 AM: Snow/sleet mix reported in north/west suburbs of NYC, mod-heavy snow for interior NW areas. Accumulations so far coating to 1/2″.

12:35 AM: No major changes so far, some locations closer to NYC mixing with snow. Sleet/snow mix to continue through next few hours.

10:59 PM: Sleet likely to be main precip type for north/west suburbs of NYC. Interior areas snow to mix/rain, NYC sleet to rain.

10:56 PM: Storm updates starting now. Sleet falling from NYC and west/north, mixing with snow inland, more rain east.



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