**Changes To NYC Area Weather**

[notice]This post will remain at the top of the blog for the next few days. Daily forecast discussions can be found below this post.[/notice]

After nearly 1-2 years with little changes to the structure and format of this blog, there are several changes I am considering which would be implemented over the next 1-2 months, including the following:

  • Changing the “Weather Alerts” to simply a “Weather Hazards” page, briefly describing weather hazards in a slightly different format

  • Replacing the now-defunct “Tropics” page with a “Statistics” page, including some averages for Central Park and basic recent statistics (such as seasonal/monthly temperatures and precpitation means, anomalies, extremes, ect.), especially focusing on Central Park but with data for other parts of the area as well

  • Changing the format of the daily discussions with a brief highlight/summary of the forecast on the main page, along with a link to the full forecast discussion. This would limit the main page to only forecast highlights rather than numerous full length discussions. (More on this below).

  • Changing the design of the website; more on this will be posted later this month

In addition to the above, additional smaller changes will be made, such as the recent addition of a Long Range Pattern Outlook section in the daily discussions, in which I discuss the long range pattern once or twice a week. I opened up polls for some of these changes; the polls will be closed 2 weeks from now. The poll results will be taken into consideration when making the final decisions.

*For the third statement, there are two examples below this post. The October 6th discussion is in the current posting format, while the October 7th discussion has been posted in the new experimental format (ONLY the 10/7 post has been posted this way for experimental purposes – posts from 10/8 and onward will remain in the current posting format). After looking up these examples, please vote in the appropriate poll for which format you would prefer to see in the main page.

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