10/14/12 – New Posting Schedule

Important Update

More Information: 8/26/12 Blog Statement

– No forecast update will be posted tonight (10/14). The next brief update will be posted on Monday, and the pattern outlook has been delayed to Tuesday.

Recently, the updating schedule has varied, with some time frames featuring frequent blog updates and others featuring barely any updates. In order to keep the updating schedule stable and more organized, from October 15 through December, there will be a temporary weekly posting schedule. Unless otherwise noted, the weekly schedule will be the following:

  • Monday and Wednesday will have brief updates or no updates unless otherwise noted.

  • Full length discussions will typically be posted on all other days: Tuesday and Thursday through Sunday.

The additional pages of the blog will occasionally be updated. While my mission remains to keep you updated on the latest in weather trends, this time period used to enhance the future of this blog will ultimately allow for better and more in-depth analysis of the weather.

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