Unfortunately, my computer has stopped working. Updates in the blog will be suspended for likely at least the next few days. Brief updates on the forecast and on the status of the blog will be posted on the NYC Area Twitter page for now.

9/30/12 – A preview of the October outlook has been posted in the Long Range page. The full outlook will be posted at some point this week.

**Tuesday, 10/2 Update: Blog updates will resume tomorrow (Wednesday, 10/3). The October outlook will be posted as well.**


2 thoughts on “URGENT UPDATE 9.28.12

  1. Anonymous Reply

    I have a question? Is it that coastal low that’s forecast to develop that will be the determining factor on how our weather turns out on Sunday whether it’s wet or dry? suppose it doesn’t develop then would Sunday have a better chance of being dry?

    • NYC Weather Reply

      As I will discuss in my blog discussion tonight, there will be a wave of low pressure developing along the cold front on Sunday. Perhaps it may be weak enough that it does not produce widespread rain although it will be cloudy across the area on Sunday with occasional showers due to the low. There is a low probability that it mostly, not entirely, misses the area to the southeast and stays weak, although a more likely outcome is that it does affect the area with clouds, chilly temperatures and showers.

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