Sept 28, 2012 Noon Update

Several mid-day observation and forecast updates:

1. Today’s storm was faster moving than expected but also produced less rain than my outlook called for last night, which was on the conservative side of the model guidance, with most places north and west of NYC seeing up to or a little over 1/2 inch. The most significant impact from today’s storm, however, came in NYC, northern Long Island and coastal Connecticut, where a severe thunderstorm developed producing strong wind gusts and flash flooding, with radar estimates showing 2-4 inches of rain in coastal areas. More information on today’s observations will be posted with tonight’s update.

2. A forecast change has taken place for next week’s outlook, as latest indications point to a low pressure affecting the region on Tuesday with widespread rain. This is only a recent change, and more information on the outlook for next week will be posted tonight, including an update on the long range cool spell and some thoughts going forward into October.

Tonight’s update will discuss the aforementioned topics in more detail.

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