Aug 15-18, 2012 Observations

Below are the area observations for August 15-18, 2012. Today’s update (August 19) will be posted this evening.


Wednesday, August 15 Observations:

August 15 was an active day for the area, with night/early morning storms staying north/NW of NYC and mostly north of the area, although strong storms formed over Long Island, which was already frequently hit with severe storms this year, with additional scattered and slow moving strong storms forming over Long Island throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. Flash flooding and strong winds were observed with the strong storms, including eastern parts of NYC and Nassau County. Additional strong storms developed in the afternoon, mostly focusing over NE NJ and NYC.

Temperatures were slightly warmer than 8/14 west of NYC and cooler east of NYC. Highs peaked in the lower to mid 80s from NYC and further north/west and the mid 70s to low 80s in Long Island/S CT. The highest temperature was 86 degrees spread out across NE NJ; the coolest high was 76 degrees tied in Bridgeport, New London (CT) and Montauk (NY).

Thursday, August 16 Observations:

Drier conditions returned to the area as a weak area of high pressure moved in with the low pressure moving up the coast, into Maine. Warmer temperatures were observed across the area, with mid 80s across most of the area with upper 80s in parts of the immediate NYC area. The highest temperature was 88 degrees in Newark; the coolest high was 82 degrees in Danbury, CT.

Friday, August 17 Observations:

A moderately strong cold front moved through the region associated with a strong trough dropping into the central US, resulting in widespread colder than average temperatures in that region. Cloud cover increased throughout the day with scattered storms moving through in the late afternoon and evening hours. The storms initially affected western NJ, dissipating near NE NJ as additional strong storms formed in NYC, western LI and southern CT. Overnight, widespread thunderstorms moved through, resulting in additional moderate to locally heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Temperatures were warmer than the previous days ahead of the cold front, with temperatures reaching the mid 80s inland, upper 80s to lower 90s in the immediate NYC area, and the mid 80s across most of Long Island/S CT. The highest temperature observed was 94 degrees in Teterboro, although it is several degrees higher than the surrounding stations; the coolest high was 81 degrees in Montauk, NY.

Saturday, August 18 Observations:

Thunderstorms persisted across the area throughout the overnight hours, lasting into the morning and early noon hours from NYC and further east, with clearing skies taking place in the second half of the day. Temperatures were cooler behind the cold front, with highs reaching the upper 70s inland, lower 80s in the immediate NYC area, and mid to upper 70s in Long Island/S CT. The highest temperature observed was 82 degrees in parts of NE NJ; the coolest high was 73 degrees in New London, CT.

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