July 27, 2012: More Rain For Next Week

Forecast Highlights:

– Additional storms expected for Saturday; mostly dry Sun/Mon
– More rain/thunderstorms return for mid-late next week
– Temperatures to generally remain near-below average


Wednesday, July 25 Observations:

A cooler air mass briefly moved into the region on the 25th, interrupting the two heat frames before and after 7/25. Mainly sunny skies were observed across the area with temperatures peaking in the mid 80s inland, lower to mid 80s in Long Island/S CT, and in the mid to upper 80s in the immediate NYC area. The warmest temperatures were observed in Newark with a high of 89 degrees.

Thursday, July 26 Observations:

A widespread regional severe weather outbreak took place on the 26th, with a MCS developing over northwestern PA and making its way into New Jersey. The MCS produced damaging winds in northern PA/southern NY, along with a tornado near Elmira, NY. The MCS entered the western parts of the area, producing strong winds and heavy rain, but instead of the storms maintaining their severe intensity until reaching the coast, the storms weakened as they entered the area, with winds ending up below severe criteria for parts of the area, including most of Long Island and NYC. The storms were still strong to low end severe over SW CT and parts of northern NJ, however. Temperatures reached the lower to mid 80s in Long Island/southern CT, mid to upper 80s inland, and the lower to mid 90s in the immediate NYC area, peaking at 95 degrees in LaGuardia. Humid conditions were observed as well, with heat index values reaching the upper 90s to 100 degrees in the immediate NYC area.

Tonight – Weekend: Some Storms, Cooling Down

As of this evening, the area is dry with the rain staying west over northern PA. No widespread storm outbreak is expected tonight, although scattered storms, mainly non-severe, are expected to affect the area tonight. More widespread storms are expected across the region on Saturday, however, with mostly cloudy skies and cooler highs, peaking in the upper 70s to mid 80s across the area. Sunday will be drier with more sunshine expected, although isolated storms are still expected. Highs will reach the upper 70s to mid 80s as well.

Next Week’s Outlook: More Rain, Storms

Monday is expected to be mainly dry with slightly warmer temperatures, in the lower to mid 80s for most places. Throughout the rest of next week with a polar vortex stuck over central Canada, a trough will stay in place over the region, with persistent cloud cover and frequent rain chances. Temperatures are generally expected to end up in the lower to mid 80s, which is slightly cooler than average, although may end up in the upper 70s on the stormier days and upper 80s on the drier/sunnier days. Next weekend’s outlook is a bit more uncertain but appears somewhat similar to the late week conditions, although less rain is possible.

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