July 1, 2012 Storm Updates

5:30 PM: Unexpected widespread strong storm development took place across the region today, when generally partly sunny skies were expected with the risk of isolated thunderstorms. More widespread storm development took place over Connecticut, especially further north, although some storms also affected the area, including a severe cell in Rockland county earlier this afternoon.
Currently, there is a strong thunderstorm near Ramsey, NJ, moving ESE towards the NJ/NY border and into Westchester county. Scattered strong storms are also currently developing near Nassau county, NY. Most storms will remain below severe levels although a storm or two may become severe this afternoon and evening.

If needed, another storm update or two will be posted later tonight. Otherwise, the next discussion will be posted tonight with an update on the 4th of July outlook, consisting of heat and potential thunderstorms, and the Friday/Saturday likely heat surge, when temperatures may once again get close to 100 degrees.

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