June 22, 2012 Storm Updates

Updates will be posted here on the strong to severe storms expected to affect the area later today. Updates will be posted both here and on twitter (blog updates can also be found below; more short updates can be found on tweeter archive).


Blog Storm Updates:

6:50 PM: The line of strong thunderstorms that affected northern NJ, SE NY, NYC and southwestern CT over the last hour is now weakening as it enters Long Island, but is still capable of producing heavy rain and thunder. All storms in the area are now below severe levels and will continue to weaken as they move into the rest of southern CT and Long Island.

This is the last storm update for today. The next full update will be posted tonight, with an updated 5-day forecast, as well as an update on the upcoming heavy rain and thunderstorm event for late Sunday night into Monday and the chilly temperatures that will follow for the rest of next week.

5:05 PM: Widespread storm development is now taking place north/west of the city, especially focusing over interior parts of the area. Strong to low-end severe cells are currently affecting Rockland county, NY, and will move into northern Bergen and Westchester county. Another area of strong storms is near Sussex/Warren counties and will move east into Morris county. These storms will continue to move ESE through the evening hours, eventually approaching eastern NJ and NYC.

3:40 PM: With the original area of strong/borderline severe storms moving into Suffolk county, additional storm development is starting to take place further inland associated with the second round of storms. A strong storm popped up over Sussex county ahead of storm development in interior SE NY and NW Connecticut, with additional strong storm development likely to expand shortly into interior northern NJ and SE New York. Any storm that forms with the second round, which will mostly focus north/west of the city, will be capable of producing strong wind gusts, heavy rain and small hail.

3:15 PM: Severe storms continued to develop over NYC over the last hour with very heavy rain, strong wind gusts and some hail, and are now moving into Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island. Meanwhile, clearing in the cloud cover is taking place west of the city ahead of the next round of storms, currently in central/eastern Pennsylvania. This round of storms will continue to move east, affecting some areas west of NYC later this afternoon and evening.

2:20 PM: Over the last 20 minutes, widespread storm development began to take place near NYC. A strong storm is located near Nassau county, and will continue to move SE through the rest of Nassau county, spreading heavy rain and gusty winds. Another strong storm is near Jersey City, NJ, and will move NE over the next half hour into Manhattan and Queens in NYC. This area of storms will continue to spread and affect the rest of NYC and parts of Long Island.

The storm development near NYC is only one part of the outbreak for today. Additional storms will continue to fire up towards central/eastern Pennsylvania, with additional storms expected later today for the western half of the area.


12:25 PM: Storms, Some Severe, To End Heat Today

As of late this morning, most of the area is experiencing mostly cloudy to cloudy skies, although with a very warm air mass still in place, temperatures are quickly heating up, and are already in the 91-94 degree range in NYC except for Central Park. The approaching cold front, however, will limit the temperature rise, with widespread thunderstorms expected.
Other than isolated showers, there is not much activity currently taking place across the region. Later this afternoon towards 2-4 PM, however, widespread thunderstorm development is expected to take place over New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, gradually shifting east throughout the late afternoon and evening hours. These storms will be capable of producing heavy downpours and strong wind gusts. Stay tuned for storm updates to be posted later this afternoon.

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