June 15, 2012: Heat Builds In During Mid Week

Forecast Highlights:

– Seasonable through Tuesday; coastal clouds/fog on Sunday/Monday
– Heat builds in for mid-late week


Today’s Observations:

With a high pressure still in place, today ended up as another mostly sunny day with mild temperatures observed across the entire area, peaking in the mid to upper 70s for most, with lower 80s in parts of northern NJ/SE NY and lower-mid 70s in parts of Long Island, which verified today’s expectation from the 5-Day Forecast page.

Similar conditions will continue through at least Tuesday, with  Sunday/Monday the main exception due to slightly increased cloud cover, cooler temperatures and possible fog especially closer to the coast, although a heat surge will build into the region between Wednesday and Friday, bringing 90+ degree heat for parts of, if not most of the area.

Saturday – Tuesday: Slightly Cooler, Then Warmer

Similar conditions are expected for tomorrow compared to those of today, with mostly sunny skies and highs generally in the mid 70s to lower 80s range. On Sunday and Monday, however, a SE wind is expected, with cooler temperatures, partly cloudy skies, and possible fog closer to the coast. Temperatures from NYC and further north/west will remain close to average, peaking in the mid to possibly upper 70s, although Long Island and southern Connecticut will end up colder, with highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s, possibly slightly cooler closer to the immediate coast. Temperatures will warm up slightly on Tuesday as the wind transitions to more of a south/SSW than a SE direction.

Wednesday – Friday: First Heat Wave Potential

A very warm air mass will move into the central US early in the week, resulting in widespread 90-100 degree heat. With the ridge and the high pressure shifting east, with winds aloft switching to more of a west direction, the heat in the central US will move into the region as opposed to Canada, resulting in the first potential heat wave of the summer for the region. There is still the possibility that a back door cold front on Thursday/Friday may limit the heat for New England, although at least from NYC and further west/south, 90+ degree heat is expected during the Wednesday-Friday time frame; should the hotter case scenario verify, which is a reasonable possibility, temperatures may even reach the upper 90s to 100 degrees for highs. The next cold front is then likely to approach on Friday or the weekend, resulting in a risk of thunderstorms. Stay tuned for more information on the heat potential.

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