June 12, 2012 Storm Updates

5:40 PM: Rain Started Much Earlier Than Expected

Contrary to the model guidance which for the main part suggested that the rain would start towards the afternoon and evening hours, rain moved into the western half of the area as early as 11-12 AM, with a steady light to moderate rain now falling across most of the area except for SE Connecticut. Radar estimates show that so far, at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain has been observed west of NYC.

The rain is expected to continue falling into tonight with some occasional breaks, and may be heavy at times later tonight. The strong thunderstorms in western Pennsylvania are not expected to reach the area maintaining their current intensity, although rain should continue into at least the first part of the overnight hours. With a low pressure developing off the coast, mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers east of NYC will continue into tomorrow, with the rain clearing most of the area late tonight.

Stay tuned for more updates later tonight.

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