May 26, 2012 Storm Updates

5:10 PM: Scattered strong thunderstorms affected the interior parts of the area earlier this afternoon, affecting NW NJ and SE NY over the last few hours. A strong storm developed over SE New York in Rockland county and stalled in place, producing heavy rainfall and areas of flash flooding. Since these storms developed, activity has decreased over the area while increasing around the area, with increased activity in Pennsylvania and southern Connecticut. Isolated storms are possible again later tonight, although the activity earlier this afternoon was the peak of today’s storms.

For tomorrow, there are still indications showing that an area of strong storms may develop over Pennsylvania and affect the western half of the area during the late afternoon, evening and early overnight hours. Otherwise, hot and humid conditions will continue with temperatures surging well into the 80s from NYC and further north/west on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Scattered strong storms are possible again in interior areas on Monday and Tuesday.

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