April 26, 2012 Brief Update

Forecast Overview:

– The widespread rain that was originally supposed to fall today did not end up verifying, as two separate areas of rain formed, one to the south of the area and the other to the north, but with very little rain in between. The models began to reflect this change last night, about 18-24 hours before the rain event. A few showers are expected tonight especially north of NYC, amounting to less than 0.1 inch.

– Mostly sunny skies are expected on Friday but with windy conditions, gusting up to 35-40 mph. Highs will reach the upper 40s to lower 50s inland and the lower to mid 50s across the rest of the area. Temperatures will cool down into the 30s overnight with upper 20s for interior areas, resulting in the possibility of frost and/or freeze further north/west from NYC.

– Clouds will increase late on Saturday with highs on Saturday and Sunday reaching the mid to upper 50s across the area. The wave of low pressure for the weekend is still there, although the trend is to keep the wave suppressed not too far to the south of the area so that the rain falls in the Mid Atlantic, as opposed to 2 days ago when the consensus was for the moderate rain to affect the NYC area. The NAM is the northern outlier by showing moderate rain and even interior snow, and is expected to trend towards the other models with a drier and further south storm. A few showers are possible for Saturday night with otherwise mostly cloudy to cloudy skies, clearing on Sunday.

– Temperatures will gradually warm next week, first into the 60s and later the 70s, although some scattered showers are possible towards the second half of the week. No significant rain is expected, although the rain and cloud cover may limit the extent of the warmth, either keeping temperatures in the 70s if there are more clouds and rain, or in the 80s if there is more sunshine and less rain.

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  1. Eduardo Berroa Reply

    Hey, Today, I’ve heard that there’ll be a Severe Weather Awareness Week for New York and for April 29 through May 5

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