*No Update Posted 3/29/12*

I was unable to post a discussion on 3/29, although the 5-Day Forecast has been updated for the entire area. The blog will be updated again on the afternoon of Friday, 3/30.

Brief forecast overview:

Mostly sunny skies are expected today with highs in the lower to mid 50s across most of the area. A low pressure approaches Friday night with moderate precipitation, up to 1/4 to 1/2 inch, but it will also be cold enough to allow for snow to fall later overnight into Saturday morning in southern CT, SE NY, and parts of NW NJ. Most of the snow should be non-accumulating, but the best risk for light accumulations is in Connecticut and SE NY away from the coast. For the rest of the area, a very cold rain will fall from Friday night into Saturday noon, with isolated showers sticking around through Saturday afternoon. With the rain and cloud cover, much colder temperatures are expected on Saturday, with highs only reaching the lower 40s in southern CT and lower to mid 40s across the rest of the area. Friday afternoon’s update will include more details on the snow event for interior areas, as well as a snow map.

Partly cloudy skies will continue into Sunday, but as mentioned as a possibility with Wednesday’s update, a strong back door cold front will move through, but from the latest indications is likely to be even stronger than previously thought, completely blocking the warmth and thus the bigger mid week storm from reaching the area early-mid next week. Temperatures are expected to remain around the mid 50s to low 60s through Monday and Tuesday, with some rain likely on Tuesday and Wednesday but with no washout expected. Colder temperatures will return again by the late week and possibly into next weekend as well.

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