Feb 12, 2012: Warmer Again This Week

Yesterday’s storm, although having the potential to bring at least 1 inch of snow to most of the area, ended up busting on the low side as the coastal low formed too far offshore. As a result, the area saw anywhere from a coating of snow to close to an inch. The storm overperformed in terms of snow totals further south, towards the central Mid Atlantic, where an inverted trough brought moderate snow in the evening hours, increasing snow totals more than expected. Much colder temperatures were observed today, peaking in the lower 30s across most of the area, along with scattered snow squalls which brought a coating of snow to places such as Rockland county in NY, parts of NYC and western Long Island. Temperatures will warm back up this week, although no significant rain event is in the forecast within the 7 day range.

Week And Weekend Overview:

Tomorrow will bring mostly sunny skies to the area with temperatures returning back to where they have been during almost the entire winter, warmer than average, with high temperatures reaching the upper 30s to lower 40s across the area.

Temperatures will slightly warm up on Tuesday, with scattered rain/snow showers during the day and in the overnight hours, but will warm up more noticeably into the mid to upper 40s by Wednesday and Thursday. A storm will move into the region on Thursday, bringing widespread rain showers across the area into the overnight hours. Friday is likely to be drier with slightly warmer temperatures, once again reaching the mid to upper 40s, possibly getting close to 50 degrees in the immediate NYC area. A trough will move into the region behind Thursday’s storm, bringing colder temperatures for next weekend, ending up closer to average with lows in the 20s and highs in the 30s. Temperatures are expected to warm up towards the start of next week again along with the next possibility of a storm.

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