Jan 7, 2012 Morning: 60 Degrees Today

12 PM: Very Warm Today

The model guidance has once again underestimated the warmth for today, as temperatures have already surged into the lower to mid 50s across a large part of the area, the same temperatures that the models showed as the daytime highs for today. With a warm southwest wind and sunshine, unusually warm temperatures for January are expected today, surging into the mid to upper 50s inland and the upper 50s to lower 60s across the rest of the area. Temperatures may reach 65 degrees near NYC today. These temperatures are 20 degrees warmer than average. Colder temperatures will return for tomorrow although still staying 5-10 degrees warmer than average, reaching the mid 40s for highs across most of the area.

The 5-Day Forecast page has been updated for the area from NYC and further west. A full update for the day will be posted this afternoon, covering the heavy rain for late this week and what may follow afterwards.

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