Jan 21, 2012 Storm Updates

Below, storm updates will be posted on the snow event affecting the area.


11:40 AM: The banding has weakened over northern New Jersey, however it has redeveloped further south, with moderate to heavy snow affecting NYC over the last 1/2 hour before weakening. Light snow will continue over northern NJ over the next half hour before starting to end, adding at least another 1/4 inch of snow. The heavier banding, however, is concentrated over southern Connecticut, where a large stationary band of heavy snow is steadily increasing accumulations. In addition to northern Long Island, which will also see moderate to locally heavy snow, heavier accumulations are expected in these areas, ending up near 5 to 7 inches, potentially even reaching 8-10 inches in some locations. The storm will end in these areas by 1-3 PM, with sleet starting to slowly spread across Long Island by then.

10:30 AM: Over the last hour, a moderate band of snow moved into NYC, while the heavier banding remained stationary from Morris county in NJ to NW Bergen, Rockland counties and southern Connecticut, where a storm total of nearly 5-7 inches of snow is expected. A large dry slot is causing the storm to quickly move out, although the back edge of the storm is filling up on the radar in western New Jersey. Most of central New Jersey south of NYC will only see light snow/sleet from now until 12 PM, although across northern NJ, SE NY and parts of NYC, the light to moderate snow will continue through at least 12-1 PM before ending, bringing at least another 1 to locally 2 inches of snow. The moderate snow will move into the northern half of Long Island and southern CT later on, with snow ending there by 1-3 PM.

9:20 AM: After nearly 3 months since the last snowstorm, a moderate snow event is finally affecting the area, with a weak low pressure bringing widespread light to moderate snow across the region with temperatures still in the upper 10s to lower 20s north and west of NYC and the mid 20s in most of NYC. Widespread accumulations of about 2-4 inches have been reported so far, and will continue to increase over the next few hours.

A dry slot moving through east central Pennsylvania will end the storm much earlier than expected for locations south of NYC, potentially as early as 11 AM, with only light snow afterwards. The heavier banding, however, has been stationary over northern NJ into SE NY and southern CT, with the snow still intensifying in those areas. These areas will end up with the highest accumulations, reaching the 4 to 6 inch range for most locations, locally up to 7 inches. North of NYC, the storm will end by 12-1 PM, with a 1-2 PM ending likely for southern CT. The mixing line slowly continues to advance north through New Jersey, but is only likely to reach parts of NYC and Long Island, especially further south, by the time that the storm ends early in the afternoon.

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