Jan 14, 2012 Noon: Snow Showers Today

7:20 PM: A light to moderate snow squall is currently moving through Morris county and is moving ESE, reaching Hudson county in NJ as well as Staten Island and Brooklyn within the next 1/2 to 1 hour. A dusting to a coating of snow is possible especially on non-paved surfaces with this snow squall. Otherwise, scattered snow showers have continued to affect northern NJ and NYC, and will begin to end within the next 1-3 hours as skies begin to clear later tonight.

Tonight’s update will be posted later this evening with an updated forecast.

3:55 PM: As mentioned with last night’s update, widespread flurries have formed across the western parts of the area and are affecting the majority of northern New Jersey into NYC and western Long Island, with more flurries forming in the western parts of the area. The risk of flurries will gradually diminish near the NJ/NY border, although further south towards the I-80 corridor towards NYC, isolated snow showers will continue to fall through the evening. A dusting of snow at most is expected from these snow showers as they mostly remain light.

This event will likely end up as one of, if not the most widespread snow event for the NYC area this month, as signals continue to point to an unseasonable surge of warmth starting around the 20th. Tonight’s update will discuss the next few snow shower potentials, the first on Monday night with a little snow/sleet/freezing rain possible towards NW NJ and SE NY, followed by an isolated snow shower potential on Friday, although any accumulating snowstorm potential will most likely be delayed until February, if not the very end of January at the earliest.

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