Jan 11, 2012 Noon: Wind Alerts Issued

4:20 PM: With a strong low pressure near the region and a wind event expected, I issued a High Wind Watch for Long Island and southern Connecticut as well as a Wind Alert for the rest of the area. Wind gusts are likely to end up near or over 40 mph across most of the area, with gusts above 50-60 mph possible across Long Island, southern Connecticut and parts of NYC.

Before the wind event, the same storm will bring widespread heavy rain across the area tonight into tomorrow morning, with 1-2 inches of rain expected along with some sleet and freezing rain tonight in the interior parts of the area. Temperatures will also be warmer than previously expected, rising into the lower to mid 50s across most of the area on Thursday

Stay tuned for a detailed discussion on the upcoming pattern to be posted this evening, including more information on the rain and warmth for Thursday, the wind for Friday, as well as a significant cold spell for the weekend and a new update on the long range pattern, including an explanation for why the pattern is not on track to change to a cold and snowy one, especially in the January 19-26 time frame.

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