Dec 27, 2011 Storm Updates

Below, occasional updates will be posted on the rain and wind event currently affecting the area.


 7:50 PM: Strong Winds Developing, Squall Line Approaches

After a line of moderate rain moved through about an hour ago in NYC, locally heavy rain squalls are currently affecting places from NYC and further west with temperatures steadily rising into the mid 50s. A squall line is currently near western New Jersey, containing heavy rain, strong wind gusts, and some thunder. This line will move through the immediate NYC area between 8-9 PM, and the eastern parts of the area between 9-11 PM. Winds from now until the passage of the squall line will gust up to 35-45 mph in most of northern NJ/SE NY, 40-50 mph in NYC, and 45-55 mph in Long Island and southern Connecticut, with winds slightly calming down behind the front but with gusts up to 30 mph lasting through the overnight hours, intensifying during the day on Wednesday up to 40 mph.

An update will be posted late tonight on the updated forecast.


4:35 PM: Heavy Rain, Wind Approaching

The storm moved into the area slightly earlier than expected, with rain already affecting parts of the area as early as 2 PM. With the storm moving in earlier than expected, it will also move out earlier than originally expected. Steady rain will continue to fall across the area over the next few hours with temperatures expected to slightly rise through the evening hours. A somewhat disorganized line of moderate to locally heavy rain, wind and some thunderstorms will affect the western parts of the area by at least 5-7 PM, affecting the immediate NYC area between 6-9 PM and the eastern parts of the area by 7-11 PM. During this time frame, winds will gust up to 40 mph in the central and eastern parts of the area, locally reaching 40-50 mph in parts of Long Island especially with any thunderstorms. The storms will end by 9-10 PM west of NYC and 10 PM-12 AM east of NYC, with breezy winds lasting through parts of the overnight hours.

Looking a bit ahead, temperatures will be steady in the upper 30s inland and the lower 40s across the rest of the area on Wednesday before dropping by the mid to late afternoon hours along with winds gusting up to 35-40 mph across most of the area, with much colder temperatures overnight dropping below 20 degrees for most areas north and west of NYC. Tonight’s update will discuss the cold for the next two days in more details, as well as two clippers bringing scattered rain and snow showers for Friday and Saturday as well as a more significant cold and/or storm potential for next week.

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