Oct 31, 2011 Brief Update


– Brief updates will continue through Wednesday or Thursday. By Thursday or Friday at the latest, regular daily discussions will be resumed.

– My November outlook will be posted in the Long Range Forecasts page tomorrow, discussing the warm up for the first half of this month and what may come for the second half of the month.


Brief Forecast Update:

– A weak coastal low pressure will stay mainly offshore tomorrow, possibly scraping parts of the area with light rain. With the cold air mass retreating by this time, no snow will fall out of this storm. Otherwise, mostly cloudy skies are expected with high temperatures peaking in the mid 50s across most of the area.

– Wednesday and Thursday will bring mainly sunny skies with temperatures slightly warming up into the upper 50s across most of the area. Parts of the NYC area are likely to reach the lower 60s on Thursday, breaking the 60 degree mark for the first time since last Wednesday.

– Another low pressure will approach the region for Friday. Currently, the models keep this storm to the south of the area, but the potential is there for this storm to trend stronger and bring more widespread rain for the area on Friday and potentially into early Saturday. No heavy rain is expected, however. Temperatures will cool back down towards the mid 50s.

– Behind this potential storm, a strong high pressure will move in for the weekend, most likely bringing sunny skies for the second half of Saturday into Sunday. High temperatures will gradually warm up into the upper 50s to mid 60s by Sunday, with cold overnight lows, likely dropping into the mid 20s to lower 30s north and west of NYC.

Tomorrow’s update will discuss the outlook for this week/weekend, as well as next week and the longer range, in more details.

8 thoughts on “Oct 31, 2011 Brief Update

  1. SalBlandino Reply

    I like the timing of that potential storm Friday into only early Saturday. If it has to affect us please keep it that way. No washout of a Saturday like last week would make me very happy. Don’t change this forecast.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Will there be a storm summary like with Irene? and you were right on with the snow forecast – keep it up!

  3. NYC Weather Reply

    To SalBlandino – It is becoming increasingly likely that the storm shouldn’t affect the area, bringing some light rain at most. Sunny skies will build in for most of Saturday and Sunday.

    To 2nd comment – Yes, I will post a summary on this storm like I did with Irene. The summary will be posted by Friday at the latest.

  4. SalBlandino Reply

    Will it also stay dry through much of next week as well? Please say yes because we don’t need anymore rain after all the rain we have had this entire year, especially August and September.

  5. SalBlandino Reply

    I sent you an email but it looks like you didn’t return it. I asked if you can also put on your homepage a radar of the clouds as well just like you have the radar of the precipitation.

  6. SalBlandino Reply

    I got your email. Please don’t say a stormier pattern next week. If it does rain next Wednesday and Thursday, that’s fine but please move the system along in time for it to dry out again for next weekend which is the 12th and 13th please. No prolonged period of unsettled weather please.

  7. SalBlandino Reply

    I have my sister’s wedding next Friday and I don’t want to have to deal with rain as I will be wearing a Tuxedo and the rain could mess it up. Please please dry it out next Friday into next weekend.

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