Oct 30, 2011 Noon Update

After the storm left the region last night, today brought mostly sunny skies but with unusually cold high temperatures as the region begins to recover from the historic snowstorm, now holding the title of the biggest October snowstorm on record in parts of the region, and bringing snow totals to almost a quarter of the total winter average over a month before winter officially begins. Dry weather will help the clean up over the next few days, with moderating temperatures expected as well.

Yesterday’s storm, although not as impressive in structure as modeled at first, will go down in history as the biggest October snowstorm for the immediate NYC area, with 2.9 inches in Central Park shattering the previous October record snowfall of 0.8 inch in 1925, and bringing totals as high as 6-12 inches even in the immediate north/west suburbs of NYC. Overall, this storm ended up bringing anywhere from 6 to as much as 16-19 inches of snow in NW NJ and Orange county in NY, 4 to 10 inches of snow in the north/west suburbs of NYC, 4 to 12 inches across most of southern CT (except for New London county with lower amounts), and up to 4 inches in Long Island, especially in Nassau county. The highest amounts across the area were 19 inches in West Milford, NJ, 17.2 inches in Danbury, CT, and 16 inches in Harriman, NY.

A complete summary of this storm will likely be posted sometime late this week, including a storm total snow map, a review of the storm’s forecasting difficulties, the storm’s development/impact on the region, and the historical impact of this storm.


Short Forecast Update: Brief updates will likely be posted for the next few days, with the regular daily updates to be resumed sometime later this week. Halloween will bring mostly sunny skies with high temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s across most of the area. Tuesday will bring similar temperatures with a weak coastal low staying mainly offshore, possibly bringing a risk of light rain to the eastern parts of the area. By Wednesday, the cold will weaken as temperatures warm back up well into the 50s and possibly nearing 60 degrees, staying there for the rest of this week. Tomorrow’s update will discuss this week’s outlook in more details.

5 thoughts on “Oct 30, 2011 Noon Update

  1. SalBlandino Reply

    please bring a dry weekend to NYC this weekend. I was so mad when last Saturday got ruined with that storm. I don’t care if the work week has rain but I hate unsettled weekends.

  2. NYC Weather Reply

    The latest model guidance shows mainly sunny skies next weekend, but there unfortunately does appear to be a trend towards a storm mainly to our south but which may potentially bring unsettled weather up here. There’s still a week left so there is still uncertainty, and it doesn’t appear that there should be any big storm, but I wouldn’t rule out a risk of unsettled weather on Saturday, although that risk is still low at this time.

  3. SalBlandino Reply

    Oh Man, not again with another ugly Saturday, please let that storm stay far to the south. And also hope Sunday is dry as well. Sunday is Marathon Sunday. Please please please keep that storm way to the south. I was so miserable just this past Saturday when it got ruined with that coastal storm which in turned ended up having one of my friends cancel dinner plans on me and I was not happy at all.

  4. NYC Weather Reply

    Fortunately, we won’t be dealing with snow for a while… heavy rain is unlikely for next weekend as well. Unsettled weather, if any, will likely end up on Friday and possibly into Saturday, but with a strong high pressure likely, Sunday should be a nice day, and if the storm stays south and not further north, Saturday should be very nice as well. There’s still some uncertainty though, I’ll have more information on next weekend tonight.

  5. SalBlandino Reply

    So are you saying that Friday is the day that will be unsettled and if so i hope that cold front of Friday will suppress the storm for Saturday far enough to the south to keep Saturday Sunny and dry as well. I really don’t want another unsettled Saturday like last week. Also will the dry weather stay into next week as well. Please say yes.

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