Oct 14, 2011 Storm Updates

Below, updates will be posted on the strong to severe thunderstorms currently affecting the NYC area.


3:45 PM: Last night, a round of heavy rain and thunderstorms moved through the area. The heaviest rain fell from NYC and further west, where anywhere from 1/4 to as much as 1 inch of rain fell, with lighter amounts in Long Island/S CT, generally staying below 1/4 inch with amounts locally as high as 1/2 inch.

Since last night’s storms, cloud cover slightly cleared and temperatures went up as instability increased. With a lift index near -3, CAPE up to 1000, and decent bulk shear values, strong thunderstorms are forming ahead of the strong cold front, currently near central Pennsylvania and moving towards the area. Looking at the latest radar, there are several storms across the area; the strongest of these are currently near western New Jersey and are moving to the NNE. These storms are capable of producing heavy rain and strong wind gusts. Further east, scattered thunderstorms are developing near NE NJ and are moving to the NNE as well. These storms are also capable of producing heavy rain and gusty winds.

As the cold front continues to intensify while moving towards the area, the storms will shift to the east, with the line of storms currently over western NJ expected to move over NYC around 5 PM. These storms will then move further east, affecting southern Connecticut and Long Island this evening. As the storms clear the area, temperatures will begin to drop this evening with clear skies and increasing winds.

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