Aug 21, 2011 Storm Updates


Some storm updates will be posted this afternoon regarding the severe weather currently affecting the area. Several updates will be posted tomorrow and on Tuesday regarding the following information:

– Summary and forecast verification of last weekend’s heavy rain and flooding

– Summary of Friday’s and today’s severe weather outbreaks

– Updated longer range forecast, including a discussion on the possibility that Tropical Storm Irene might affect the East Coast, including the area, in the form of a hurricane early-mid next week


6:30 PM: Heavy Storms Entering NYC

An area of moderate to locally heavy rain associated with strong thunderstorms near the NJ/PA border is moving ENE, and is currently just near NYC. Moderate rain is currently affecting northern NJ and interior SE NY, and is about to enter NYC. Moderate to heavy rain will continue to affect N NJ/NYC through at least 9-10 PM before starting to end, with rain lasting until at least 10 PM-12 AM in the eastern parts of the area.

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