July 3, 2011 Storm Updates

Below, storm updates will be posted on the storms currently affecting the area.


5:45 PM: Since this morning’s heavy storms, most of the area dried up, though some storms continued to affect parts of the area through the early afternoon hours. The latest radar estimates show that a general 1/2 to 2 inches of rain fell from NYC and further west, with some places in Sussex county locally reaching 3 inches of rain. East of NYC, very little rain fell, and the rain that did fall was mostly limited to the areas closest to NYC.

It appears that this morning’s storms were the peak of today’s outbreak. There are some scattered thunderstorms in NE PA and SE NY moving towards the area, and while not all of the area will be affected by these storms, they will be capable of producing heavy rainfall, especially north and west of NYC.

The next update is likely to be posted tomorrow morning. If an update is posted tomorrow morning, it will briefly discuss the coming heat for tomorrow through Wednesday with parts of the immediate NYC area reaching the lower 90s, followed by a cold front on Tuesday with the potential for more thunderstorms and cooler temperatures by next weekend.

4:20 AM: The update from 2 days ago, on Friday, mentioned the potential for locally heavy rainfall with storms associated with today’s cold front. Storms are developing much earlier than expected, however, as there is a line of strong thunderstorms in eastern Pennsylvania with more strong storms forming in western New Jersey. These storms were not expected to approach the area until the mid morning hours at the earliest.

Looking at the latest radar loop, the majority of the activity in the area is focusing over the western parts of the area, near Sussex, Warren, West Passaic, and Morris counties. There are widespread strong storms moving from north to south which are capable of producing heavy rainfall with flash flooding, locally producing up to 1-2 inches of rain, but the main storm has just finished crossing Sussex county and is currently near central Morris county, drifting towards the SSE.

Most of this morning’s storms will stay to the north and west of NYC, though an isolated shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out in the immediate NYC area. Mostly dry conditions are expected by the late morning and the early afternoon hours, with temperatures warming up into the mid 70s to mid 80s across the area. By the late afternoon and evening hours, another round of heavy thunderstorms will move through the area, especially from NYC and further west, producing more locally heavy rain. Stay tuned for more storm updates throughout the day.

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