July 25, 2011 Storm Updates

Below, storm updates will be posted on the heavy rain and thunderstorms that will affect parts of the area through this evening.

6:20 PM: Light to moderate rain continued to affect northern NJ, SE NY and NYC over the last two and a half hours, with light rain affecting western Long Island. The rain is currently weakening, with occasional light rain expected by 6:30 PM. Meanwhile, a line of strong thunderstorms in Pennsylvania is moving towards the area. The line is breaking up with the strong storms staying further south, moving towards SE PA and central New Jersey, but there is a strong thunderstorm near NE PA with an organized structure, potentially containing strong wind gusts. This storm is moving SE, and over the next 1/2 hour will move through the northern half of Sussex county. This storm is starting to weaken as well, but will be capable of producing heavy rainfall and gusty winds.
3:30 PM: Moderate rain and thunder continues to affect NW NJ, while the rain is weakening as it is moving into NE NJ and NYC. Light to occasionally moderate rain is now starting in NYC/NE NJ, and will continue over the next few hours. Further east, very light rain is moving into SW CT and far western Long Island, where most of the rain will stay light.
2:30 PM: Since the last update, widespread strong to severe thunderstorms have formed across central Pennsylvania and started to move east. The intense storms have failed to move east of a certain point in east-central PA, which is where the warm front is currently stuck, and instead these storms are spreading out and weakening into larger areas of moderate to heavy rain and thunder. All of NW NJ is currently covered by moderate rain and thunder, and this area of rain will reach the rest of NE NJ and NYC within the next 1/2 to 1 hour. As the rain moves into NYC, it is expected to begin weakening, and Long Island will see lighter rain amounts from the same area of rain.

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