June 6, 2011: Almost 100 Degrees Mid Week

Despite a cut off low well to the east of the region keeping a relatively chilly air mass in place, today brought more sunshine to the area, which combined with a different wind direction, helped bring warmer temperatures to the area today, reaching the lower to mid 80s from NYC and further west, with colder temperatures further east, in the mid 70s to lower 80s across Long Island and southern Connecticut.

Today is just the first day of a week long warm spell. Temperatures will warm up once again tomorrow, potentially reaching the 90 degree mark in parts of NE NJ. Wednesday and Thursday will be the hottest days of this warm spell, with a very warm air mass supporting high temperatures getting as high as the upper 90s in the immediate NYC area, with the heat index potentially getting as high as the mid 100s. The heat will end by Friday, but chances for severe weather will return.

Tomorrow’s Outlook:

As a very warm air mass in the central US begins to push into the region, tomorrow will bring warmer temperatures than today. With partly sunny skies and a WSW wind expected, high temperatures will rise into the 80s across the entire area. Highs will range from the lower to mid 80s in Long Island and southern Connecticut to the mid to upper 80s from NYC and further west. It is possible that parts of NE NJ down towards Newark may reach the 90 degree mark.

Wednesday – Friday: Almost 100 Degrees
The heat will continue to spread into the region, with 850 mb temperatures reaching 20c on Wednesday. Combined with a WSW wind and mostly sunny skies, high temperatures will reach at least the mid 90s across most of northern NJ, SE NY, and NYC, with a few upper 90s possible in parts of the immediate NYC area. The WSW wind will also allow parts of Long Island away from the southern coast to see temperatures well into the 80s, with lower 90s closer to NYC. The heat index will likely reach the lower 100s in parts of the NYC area with humid conditions.
Warmth will continue through Wednesday night, as temperatures fail to drop below the 70 degree mark across parts of, if not most of the NYC area. Temperatures will already begin to rise quickly by the morning, likely to reach the lower to mid 80s by at least 8 AM.
Thursday is likely to be the hottest day of this warm spell. Mostly sunny skies, WSW winds and 850 mb temperatures near the 20c range will allow temperatures to already reach the 90s by 11 AM, peaking in the mid to upper 90s from NYC and further west. Parts of the immediate NYC area are likely to get close to the 100 degree mark, but at this time, temperatures are not expected to exceed 100 degrees. Dew points are expected to be in the upper 60s to lower 70s, which will result in a heat index in the lower to mid 100s.
The cold front will be slow to move through, and will not immediately end the warmth. Scattered showers and storms are possible on Thursday night, especially west of NYC, some which could reach strong to potentially severe levels. Friday will bring slightly colder temperatures, reaching the upper 80s to lower 90s from NYC and further west, but storm chances will increase. There is uncertainty with next weekend, but it appears that stormy conditions may continue, with high temperatures dropping into the mid 70s to lower 80s. Stay tuned for more information on the mid week heat and the potential storms that may follow.

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