May 8, 2011 Morning Update

No full update will be posted tonight, though there are some brief updates this morning:

– The forecast for this week remains the same, with mostly/partly sunny skies and highs in the lower 60s to lower 70s east of NYC and the upper 60s to mid 70s from NYC and further west from today through Thursday. The 5-Day Forecast page has been updated from NYC and further west.

– No widepread severe weather is expected across the region over the next 3 days, however some strong storms are possible in the southwestern parts of the region (SW West Virginia) on Tuesday.

– There continues to be significant uncertainy with Friday’s storm, with each model showing a different scenario. The main thing that the modes agree on is that there should be a strong high pressure in south central Canada, but from there details become different with each model, with the GFS/GGEM, for example, showing the high pressure pushing southeast, forcing the storm to weaken and move SE as well. Until there is better agreement with the models on the scenario, it will be difficult to narrow down the list of possibilities and determine which one will happen, but when looking at the overall picture, there is a risk of showers and storms on Friday and/or Saturday. More information will be posted as details become clearer.

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