April 27, 2011 Noon: Strong Storms

4:00 PM: Most of the day has been dry so far, other than some thunderstorms late last night, though thunderstorms are currently intensifying west of NYC while moving NNE. Two storms are currently near northern Warren county and central Passaic county, capable of producing heavy rainfall up to 1/4 inch. The main storm is currently in central Morris county and is severe, producing heavy rainfall, gusty winds up to 60 mph, and small to moderate hail. This storm will continue to move NNE, moving through West Passaic, NE Sussex County, and parts of Orange County, NY as well.

If necessary, more storm updates will be posted. Otherwise, the next full update will be tonight, updating on the strong thunderstorm threat for tomorrow, with heavy rain up to 1-2 inches resulting in flash flooding and gusty winds the main risks.

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