April 24, 2011 Morning: Strong Storms Tonight

12:00 PM: New York City is currently seeing mostly sunny skies, which is resulting in temperatures rising above the forecast temperatures from yesterday. Temperatures are already in the lower to mid 70s in the immediate NYC area and steadily rising, and with no storms expected until late this afternoon, there is enough time for temperatures to reach the lower 80s in the immediate NYC area.

The immediate NYC area is currently south of the warm front, meaning that there is the potential for severe weather later tonight. While this will not be a big outbreak like those that the central US has observed over the last several days and will again see tomorrow, there is the potential for storms to produce heavy rainfall and gusty winds. Storms are expected to reach the area late this afternoon, with occasional showers and thunderstorms lasting through the overnight hours.

Storm updates will be posted this evening if needed. The next full update will be posted this afternoon, discussing the warmth on Tuesday with the potential for lower-mid 80s in NYC, scattered thunderstorms for Tuesday and Wednesday, and a storm on Thursday which will produce moderate-heavy rainfall and the potential for strong/severe storms.

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