April 16 Evening: Storm Brings Heavy Rain

8:35 PM: A storm that has produced a widespread and deadly tornado outbreak across the central and southern United States over the last 2 days is now affecting the region, and has resulted in a rare “High Risk” of severe weather issued for North Carolina and southern Virginia by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC), where over 80 tornadoes have been reported so far today with the outbreak still ongoing.

So far, estimated rainfall amounts are showing that at least 3/4 to 1.5 inch of rain fell from NYC and further west up to this point, with heavy rain from the west slowly spreading in. Lighter rainfall amounts were observed further east into southern Connecticut and Long Island. Heavy rain will continue over the next several hours along with strong wind gusts up to 55 mph and thunderstorms, starting to end after 2-4 AM. By the time that the storm ends, rainfall amounts between 1.5 to 2.75 inches are expected for northern New Jersey, SE NY and New York City, with lighter amounts from 3/4 to 1.5 inch further east. Amounts may potentially reach and/or pass 3 inches in isolated areas of northern New Jersey.

One thought on “April 16 Evening: Storm Brings Heavy Rain

  1. philiporton.com Reply

    Enjoying your take on all things weather and NYC.

    I went over to the waterfront just now to see where the Hell Gate water level is at high tide. About 2 ft short of overtopping and flooding this low-lying part of the Upper East (96th St.).

    This one is an interesting case for “coastal flooding” because the rain is heavy too … blogging at http://seaandskyny.wordpress.com/


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